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´╗┐The Development Of Good Communication Skills Is A Must!

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Staff Writer

Good communication skills is the most vital thing which is held as a requirement for all kinds of relationships, whether it be family or intimate relationships, friend related relationships, or sometimes especially in career relationships.

Sp why particularly, do you need to focus on the development of your communication skills! It is because you need to convey thoughts, messages, and feelings to other people, and you cannot possibly do it without being equipped with proficient communication skills.

Have you ever imagined how people would understand each other without the power of communication! In order for you to maintain a healthy relationship with anyone in your personal and professional life, you should be a good communicator.

Communication is a process of effectively delivering yourself to be clearly understood by all, and among the most vital ingredients of effective communication, are the tone, the voice, the spoken word, making eye contact, and your overall speaking style.

When the message you send is misconstrued, confusion, unrealistic expectations, hostility, and in the case of a work environment,less productivity will be achieved. Communication is said to be successful, when the sender and the receiver are able to attain a meeting of minds, and then perceive the relayed message in exactly the same manner.

Furthermore, if a person does not have good communication skills, it will most certainly be likely to block any positive progress both at a personal, or indeed professional level.

If in most instances, you get a hesitant feeling when you are either answering phone calls, or replying to emails from certain people, it is because you have underdeveloped communication skills, but if you are fluent and at ease with both written and oral communication methods, then you are more likely to be one hundred percent confident in dealing with these cases.

So why not spare the time necessary, to progress in the development of your communication skills!

Many employees in the business firms of today, are sent on special courses which are primarily focused on the development of better communication skills for the employees in every department of the Company, and even after these courses, the instructors claim that only a quarter of the yearly graduates from the course can really claim to be efficient communicators.

Nevertheless good communication skills cannot simply be dismissed as unimportant in todays global marketplace, and therefore the following points are among the important issues included in those programs meant exclusively for the development of vital communication skills.

So what is communication, how would we best define it, and what is its purpose! As students you should be aware of the real importance of the communication process, and likewise be very conversant with the methods that must be employed in good communication.

The level of relationship that you have with different people varies, so you must adopt a suitable method of communication with them, and in turn, you must be aware of how to effectively communicate with your bosses, your subordinates, clients, friends and family, and so on.

The development of your listening skills is crucial, as understanding oriblems and differnet situations will only become apparent to you, if you know how to listen.

Of equal importance is the development of your speaking skills, but it is only through training and considerable practice that good speakers are created.

You should endeavour to identify and try to avoid any barriers which are impeding the communication process, but the kind of communication that you will be capable of will only progress with experience.

Learn the building of good rapport with everyone that you have dealings with, and most certainly good communication skills will play an extremely important part in this. It is logical that you will have great difficulty in establishing good relationships with people if you are not able to communicate with them properly!

The development of communication skills is an investment in your future, so do make sure that you attach sufficient importance to the development of them.

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