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Communication Skills for Final MB
Communication Skills for Final MB A Guide to Success in the OSCE ... students prepare adequately for success in this crucial test of their clinical skills. ... - 19k -

Clinical and communication skills -- Kidd et al. 330 (7488): 374 ...
The current practice of teaching communication skills separately from clinical skills reflects a reductionist paradigm—by breaking down the complex ... - - Core Clinical Skills
Medical students Contents Introduction Clinical examination History skills Examination skills Data interpretation Procedure skills Communication skills ... - 52k -

Clinical and communication skills -- Kidd et al. 330 (7488): 374 ...
Teaching communication and clinical skills separately does not mirror clinical ... Learning communication and clinical skills side by side would address how ... -

The Structured Clinical Operative Test (SCOT) in dental competency ...
The four broad categories listed below may be used to categorise clinical skills. 1 Inter-personal skills Includes history taking, communication skills and ... -

Communication Skills
Demonstrate the critical understanding of current models of communication skills teaching and their application in clinical contexts ... - 21k -

CSTAP Homepage
Hands-on teaching, patient interaction, examination practice and assessment of their clinical, professional and communication skills in an authentic ... - 15k -

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