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´╗┐Developing Your Management Communication Skills!

from: Marie Kearney Gordon - Guest Writer.

How would you rate yourself based on your management skills! As a management graduate and a project manager, it is highly important that you develop good management communication skills. Effective communication skills are supremely important, as constituency based management relies on the ability of a person to listen effectively to what other people's concerns and interests are.

It is therefore an essential tool of resource management, which most definately needs to be trained, practiced and frequently assessed.

As a career oriented person, especially in the field of management, there are certain skills which need to be developed on a daily basis. When you apply for a job, there is usually a reason why experience is needed for certain types of jobs, a case in point of this being that of a typical project manager who has experience in the particular line of work for a certain period of time.

Management of any organization is a high level mental activity, which uses communication to carry out its roles in a goal oriented environment, and the objectives of management specialists include planning, the achievement of objectives, ruling out possibilities of an adverse outcome in risk taking, and most importantly decision making.

All these roles are important, which helps in developing and honing one's managementcommunication skills.

In any organization, meetings are a vital part of the procedures which make the organization run smoothly in terms of both work flow and information! A meeting should be an effective means, whereby resources can gather together from many sources, and then pool those resources effectively together towards a common objective.

It is in these meetings that management communication skills come into play, and this is because by their very nature, meetings can be long futile and boring, and very often intensely disliked, because most people involved make use of their management communication skills in expressing opinionated ideas.

As a project manager, your purpose is to break the mould and make the meeting effective and interesting, as in this way you are tasked with the use of various resources and instruments to make your point heard and agreed upon. A meeting which is boring will not stimulate the right responses which you need from other project managers.

Normally in every organization, all meetings are planned, monitored,and reviewed afterwards, and this is very important to provide room for improvement in future meetings to be held. As part of your management communication skills, your job is to organize the information and structure of a meeting, using the skills you have to support effective communication of all managers present.

As part of management communication skills, there are vital points to take note of in improving your skills.

1. Plan the message beforehand.

For an effective speech to be properly communicated, state the idea of what you are trying to convey in a clear, concise and easy to understand message.

2. Expression is a must

When speaking in front of a group of people, your management communication skills come into play, and therefore the style with which you speak, expresses what you want the participants of the meeting to do. IF you want them to agree with you, then you should be enthusiastic with your style of expression.

3. Answer questions and be an active listener

Communication is a two way process, one is to speak, and the other is to listen. In an organizational meeting, after conveying your message, give an opportunity to the other members of the meeting to express their own opinions and ideas, listen to what others have to say and look at them in the eye while maintaining good eye contact.

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