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´╗┐Keep Your Cool With These Anger Management Tips

from: Jennifer Morton - Guest Writer

Life holds a lot of surprises, and among these surprises are the many and diversified individuals who we have to manage to get along with every day. There is the varied behavior of people which we must deal with daily, and a lot of other things that may be the most extreme kind of all. Above all of these things however, one thing is almost certain to happen, and that is that you will become angry several times a day!

So how will you deal with that situation, and how will you control your anger without losing your dignity and your composure! You may at times almost quiver because of the intense rage that you feel, but there is always a way to avoid it.

Here are some reliable anger management tips:-

Focus as much as you can on the motivation that is behind the provocation which is causing you to be angry. You should be able to recognize if the person who is causing you to feel excessively angry, is doing it on purpose. If they are doing it intentionally, make sure that you never allow them to have the last laugh on you! Do not give them the satisfaction of succeeding.

You must look at the situation from the point of view of the other party, because that way, you will hopefully be able to realize if the anger you are feeling comes as the result of the behavior or the words of the other party. Possibly they might think that what they are doing is right, and if so, it is then your choice as to whether or not you put an end to the argument.

The alternative to that is that you confront the other party, so that he does not think that you are a soft touch. or a pushover!

Next, breathe in and out deeply, because if you do feel so overcome with rage that you think you could almost grab your adversary by the throat, taking deep breaths will help to calm you down, and therefore allow more rational behavior come to the fore again.

If you are deliberately being provoked to anger, it will be expected that you react or respond to the provocation, but instead just work on your other options first, before taking any precipitate action.

The third anger management tip is to speak softly, the reason for this being, that when you are angry your natural inclination is to speak in a higher pitched voice. However during the confrontation, your speaking in a softer tone, will hopefully bring your adversary back to his senses.

This is because it is you who will appear to be in control of things, and in fact who will also appear to be in the right, especially in situations where your opponent is possibly already shaking violently, and has lost their cool.

This is a tactic that must be learned and mastered however, it will not come to you overnight. In Japanese traditions to give one example, the person who raises their voice, tends to lose the argument!

Try releasing your anger in other ways, even although you may be in an extreme rage! One way of doing this is to get a piece of paper and scribble down all your reasons for the anger, and also any negative feelings which you may be experiencing. This is designed to help calm you down, because you are able to divulge everything that you wish to say without necessarily hurting anybody else.

Do some exercises, which is a way of effectively physically venting your anger in an abstract and harmless way. Think purely positive energies into your body, and let go of that anger which is eating you up!

Try and release your anger selectively as it were, because although it is always satisfying to tell the person who has caused your anger straight to their face. you should also take note of other important things. Will your action break up important relationships for instance, or could it inflict serious harm on the other party, or even bring you more serious problems to deal with! These are some of the important factors to bear in mind.

It may be difficult not to become angry, especially during crucial moments of stress, but despite this, always accept your part in the situation, and recognize your mistakes.

You will find that this will be the best anger management tip that you can give yourself.

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