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´╗┐Anger Management - Dealing Effectively With Your Anger

from: Jim Holden- Staff Writer

Anger - A word which is commonly used for all people, and by all people, anger being this particular feeling that both you and that person sitting next to you can experience.

However, since anger is an emotional state of the mind, the expression of it varies from person to person! Some may feel simply irritated, while others may feel a reaction of intense rage and fury at the same incident, and the biological and physiological changes which follow, are different with every instance of the feeling of anger which occurs.

As a consequence, anger can lead to either constructive or more likely, destructive results, as sadly, most people will tend to lose their self control, which in turn would prevent them from seeing the former side.

This therefore calls for ways on how to manage anger effectively, without hurting other people around you, but also including not hurting yourself, so set out to manage your anger with these simple rules of thumb:-

Unfortunately life is not all pure pleasure, and many times in your life you will experience things that will make you angry, but you should try and never lose your self control!

Also life does not always go according to plan, so therefore, if you find that things do not go according to plan, resorting to anger is unlikely to be the solution, and moreover, anger will not solve the problem, but rather might lead to you doing something that could could keep you farther from your goals.

So do NOT waste your time grieving and blaming yourself or indeed others for your mishaps, but instead, move on and continue to strive in doing something more productive.

Creating a destructive outlet for your anger is not the solution, there are far healthier ways to express your emotions, and this most definitely includes anger, but however, this does not mean that you are free to do anything that you please in expressing your emotions.

The norms of society and the conscience governing men prohibit us from making destructive actions in most cases, but if you do let your anger dominate you, all normal constraints may well be ignored. so never ever let your emotions govern you! Take control of yourself and do something that is productive, non-violent, and acceptable to society at large.

Forgiving yourself will certainly lead to better things to come, but being angry with yourself however, will never do any good to you or to anyone else either. This is because when you hate yourself for the failures you have experienced, the effects are not limited only to yourself, but also in your relationships with other people, and that would become self evident in the way that you treat them.

So instead of hating yourself, forgive yourself and move on, but try and learn from the experience, and before you know it, you will be back on track again, but do also remember that other failures will still happen, even if you do forgive yourself the first time around.

What you should attempt to do, is to continuously make allowances within your life for these kinds of anger inducing incidents, and not hate yourself for every failure which happens to you.

Your body does have its limitations, and you also know that certain things can very easily make you angry,as well as which, you also know that certain things can make your anger disappear. So endeavour to Work in ways that avoid those situations that can easily make you angry. In the same manner, undertake those activities that can calm you down if you think you are on the point of creating a destructive anger.

Anger of itself is indifferent, which means that anger can either be good or bad, it all just depends on how people handle it. So making sure that you are in control of your emotions is the best thing that you can do if you are getting out of line, but anger would actually become an advantage to you, if you know how to handle it well, rather than getting carried away by it.

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