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´╗┐Anger Management - Information On Recognizing Anger

from: Marie Kearney Gordon - Guest Writer

Different people cam feel different levels of anger, with some being able to handle it properly, while others cannot handle it at all. If you are able to know the different levels of anger, then it does mean that you can identify what type of anger you possess. This helps to give you the correct information on the different ways to treat it, and also the things that you should do, or the people that you should seek help from.

1. Behavioral Anger:- When the person experiences behavioral anger, they can often become aggressive, and tend to confront the subject of their anger head on, and usually this is another person. Defiance, physical harm, and troublemaking, are the normal ways in which behavioral anger is expressed.

2. Chronic anger:- A person experiencing chronic anger usually has no apparent reason to become angry at all. More often than not they just hate themselves, their lives, the people next to them, the people around them, the situations they find themselves in, and the world in general.

3. Constructive anger:- A person who deals with this type of anger usually wants to correct something which he has done in the past, and normally they want to join a group, or take some other steps to create positive changes in their lives.

4. Deliberate anger:- This type of anger is usually displayed by someone who likes to take control over a particular situation or groups of people. A person who uses this anger wants to have power, but their anger normally subsides, if they eventually realize that they cannot actually gain control over the situation. Usually this is because someone who is equally determined, has opposed their actions.

5. Judgmental anger:- A person with this type of anger expresses his emotion by putting down other people, or by decrying the abilities of others in front of other people who may be present. He would also usually try to demonstrate that his own abilities were superior to the others, whether or not they actually were!

6. Overwhelming anger:- A person who does not like the situation they find in feel this type of anger. To get out of the situation they usually find ways to relieve the pain or stress, usually by hurting themselves or other people, either verbally or physically.

7. Paranoid anger:- Anger of this kind results in hating other people, even if they have not done anything to justify the anger. It is the case that someone who has paranoid anger is generally jealous of other people and usually also feels intimdated by them.

8. Passive Anger:- A person who feels this type of anger does not show their anger directly. They do not acknowledge their anger as such, but will often use other ways to express it. These can include mocking the subject of their anger, or using offensive language towards them and treating them very differently to normal.

9. Retaliatory anger:- This is the most common type of anger amongst men, and it usually occurs when an individual becomes angry as a direct result of another person showing anger towards them.

10. Self-inflicted anger:- The consequence of this type of anger is that the person experiencing it tends to hurt himself in some way or other, and someone with this type of anger punishes himself for the wrong things he has done, in his own eyes at any rate.

11. Verbal anger:- This anger is expressed merely by words, and someone displaying this type of anger, confines themselves to speaking insulting words to the subject of their anger.

12. Volatile Anger:- This type of anger is expressed either by physical assault or verbal abuse, but one difference from other types of anger, is that this type of anger usually comes and goes very quickly.

The level of this form of anger also varies from mild anger to uncontrollable rage, which may explode suddenly, or pass away entirely unnoticed, but the magnitude and the duration of this anger, toally depends on how the person handles it.

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