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´╗┐Five Certified Anger Management Steps

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

When something unpleasant happens, it tends to result in anger which is produced from the inner self of people, and often a violent response can also result from the incident.

If you followed a step by step sequence of events, the anger in one person tends to go through these patterns, namely that of disappointment, hurt, an unforgiving mood, resentment, hate,and other similar symptoms, then finally the possibility of looking for revenge.

Anger is a state of emotion that can overcome the normal rational frame of mind of the person experiencing the anger, and accordingly can result in the most unfavorable circumstances.

Different people have different ways of thinking, therefore they also react to this emotional state in various ways! There are those who simply go quiet in a corner, some who prefer not to talk to anybody, and some who curse their enemies.

Then there are those who opt to give vent to their emotional anger by means of physically hurting other people, and worse still, sometimes by resorting to killing their enemies! Some people can really become very violent because of the anger that they feel inside them. These are chilling scenarios, but they do happen.

At the peak of their anger, the people concerned can be become immune to their normal rational thought process, and they can get so consumed by their emotional state of intense anger, that they are able to do the worst kinds of things as a result.

In normal circumstances they would not dream of this type of thing, so in order for you to avoid getting yourself into some hot water, it is important that you know some of the best possible ways to exercise control over your emotions.

For instance, how many times in the past days have you experienced your temper flaring up, or have you uttered words which you know cut like a knife, or worse still, have you injured someone physically! If you have, you must make it a priority to learn to overcome such impulses, because you know for a fact that you will greatly regret it, as soon as your emotions have calmed down.

Experiencing a sudden anger is very common, it is after all nothing more than a natural human reaction, but since you are also a human being who is gifted with the highest level of intelligence as opposed to other species, you must therefore learn to control your anger instead of letting it dominate you.

The first certified anger management step therefore, is to be able to identify those things which leave you upset, and ask yourself why are you upset, and what is really your problem! You need to try and exert all of your willpower to pull yourself up from the depressing factors which surround you!

You must also try and identify exactly what it is that is wrong with you, so that you can think of suitable remedies to correct the problem.

The second step is to use the first step as your stop right there sign!!!

In reality, there will most likely be these voices which keep murmuring into your head, and continuing to make you angry, so put a stop to them, blank them out from your mind, and in this way, you will be left in peace and your feelings of anger will subside.

The third step is to focus your attention on positive things. Always think positively, and do not allow yourself to entertain negative thoughts, as they will just simply drown you in confusion and more anger. Slow down and manage the situation at an easier pace, because it is you who should be the one to in control, and not have your emotions controlling you.

Then clear your head, identify the true situation, and what might actually be wrong with it, and then you can at least stop being enraged with the people around about you.

Finally, focus yourself on constructive goals, think of possiblesolutions to any immediate problems, rather than indulging in damaging actions. This is all much easier said than done of course, especially when you are placed in most undesirable situations, but at least you are aware of the most valuable certified anger management steps which you can ponder on.

So the next time your temper does flare up again, you will know what to do.

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