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´╗┐Anger Management Books Can Teach You The Signs of Anger

from: Jennifer C Morton - Guest Writer

Every anger management book teaches you several things that would be helpful in managing your anger as well as handling it well, and in this article, we will focus on the one aspect that is given to people who are trying to learn how to manage their anger with the help of anger management books.

That aspect is, knowing the signs of anger!

Identifying the signs of anger gives you a lot of advantages, one of wgich is simply being able to recognize that you are getting angry. The second is, knowing how to control your anger once you have identified that it is getting into your system, and the third is keeping yourself from feeling any regret once you were taken over by your anger, this amongst many other symptoms!

Here are some tell tale signs of increasing anger:-

Flushed face - Intense emotion brought by anger causes blood circulation to go above normal, the result of which is flushing of the face. This is a clear sign that you are on your way to hitting your alarm button.

Try to control this by maintaining your cool, and do not get carried away by your emotions, particularly as angry people tend to become stronger. Use this strength to other more productive activities instead of becoming destructive.

Tension building up on the body - Anger causes muscles to tighten and become tensed, and this symptom usually happens to everyone, so anger can be easily identified. Stay relaxed, loosen off your muscles, and lower your shoulders and give your body a good shake. Also maintain your composure by breathing slowly and deeply.

Such activities will help you release tension and muscle tightening.

Clenched hands - The best manifestation that tension is building up in the body is through your hands. It was mentioned that when a person gets angry, he usually experiences tightening of the muscles, and the very parts where you can see the evidence of this, are your hands.

Clenched hands are a clear sign of anger, and what you should do is loosen up and relax, and above all, do not lash out at the subject of your anger! Instead, make sure that you stay in control of yourself.

Gritting your teeth - Aside from your hands, you will notice that your jaws are tightening up when you get angry, so since you can never solve anger with more anger, try to relax, and little by little, try to extinguish the anger from yourself, until you have released your anger without causing damage to yourself and to other people.

Higher tone of voice - Angry people tend to increase the pitch of their voices several levels up, and ober and above, it happens with or without you knowing it. The total opposite of this is silence, and both symptoms are meant to intimidate others, and they are neither good for you, nor the subject of your anger.

Of all these signs, one thing is common, and that is that they are all controllable, and it only depends on how much your willingness to control it is. If you think you are really angry, try to control yourself and tell yourself to calm down. Inhale deeply and exhale fully. Breathing helps you to relax!

Remember what you were taught as a child! If you are angry, try counting from one to ten! Believe it or not, this technique actually does work, but if you have not been able to release your anger when you reach the number ten, try counting more.

The point of all this is keeping yourself in control, which helps io make it possible to keep your anger at bay, so think of the consequences and strive to take sensible decisions and actions.

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