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´╗┐Anger Management Strategies - Ways Of Dealing With Anger!

from: Jennifer Morton - Guest Writer

There are basically three ways to deal with anger, and these are either suppressing it, expressing it, or calming it.

Suppressing anger means holding it in, and diverting it to another activity, Anger can often lead to destructive ways, so by doing something else, the emotion is lowered down, and the activity should therefore become more constructive.

Expressing anger means releasing it in a healthy and non aggressive manner. Since there are people who cannot keep their anger under control, and divert it on another way, expressing it should be the most advisable way to dispense with it. However, anger must not lead to others being hurt.

Calming anger, is controlling the emotion from the inside, and by doing so the physiological response is lowered down as well.

From these three methods, several anger management strategies can be drawn. Here are some of those strategies outlined:-

- Proper Handling

Anger can lead to various negative effects including frustration, and this is often caused by problems. People often believe that every problem does have its own solution, but in fact, this is not always the case, so instead of frustratingly finding a solution to the problem, focus rather on how to handle the situation.

Solving anger will not work if you continuously look for the solution alone, so start to handle it properly, by planning, organizing, and managing the situation in your own way. The result will almost always be better.

- Relaxation

Calming yorself down from within would be a better way to manage youranger, and simple ways such as breathing and imagining calmer things, would effectively provide a good outlet for the release of anger.

These are simple ways to do it:-

Relax your shoulders, making sure that they are not tight, and breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Repeat the process while telling yourself phrases such as calm down, and relax. Do not think too much about the cause of your anger, and visualize calmeces, or more relaxing experiences.

Simple exercises can also relax your mind and body.

- Changing your environment:-

Monotony can sometimes cause people irritation and anger, and often this is because routine can be associated with tasks from work, home or school. Sometimes places associated with working can also spark instant anger and irritation.

To help in dealing with the anger related to this, changing your environment would be a great benefit. A vacation, or trips out of town that change your surroundings and dispel the thoughts that irritate and anger you, would be the best option. Organize some time when you can go somewhere else in order to help you find some peace. Look for a peaceful place, or take a short break where you can give yourself the time to relax. You could actually do this at your own place of work, or alternatively somewhere nearby. The whole point of this is to be able to remove the irritation and the anger, and therefore you should devise some way, or go somewhere where you will not need to think about it.

- Humor

Humor can be a good release for tension, both your own, and even that of other people. Try and introduce some humor in to the situation therfore, if you possibly can

- Reconstruction of thoughts:-

Many people express their anger by swearing, using offensive words, or indeed any expression that might possibly express what they are feeling. These people would probably fail to be constructive in terms of trying to resolve the argument or disagreement, especially if the reason for the anger is a failure of some kind or another.

The thing is that in order to be able to see that there are different possible ways to handle your anger, you have to change the way you think, and also the way you look on things, which will help you get rid of your anger in more constructive ways.

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